Power DefenseTM Kickboxing has been developed by Franco Melchioretto, a former Kickboxing Champion from Switzerland.

We use a grading system similar to Karate going from White up to Black Belt after successfully passing our certified tests..

Our schools are recognized by the WKA and other assoc. round the Globe.

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Training every Saturday 11:55AM to 1.15PM
Power Defense TM Kickboxing
combines Thai- & Kickboxing and creates an  effective
fight and self-defense system

Be your own Bodyguard
Power Defense Kickboxing!

Our training will build you up step-by-step without you having to fight or do sparring. You will start with the fundamentals in Boxing and Kicking and further develop until proficiency if you want to.

At the beginning you will learn the basic striking techniques along with power, speed and flexibility training that is necessary to become an Kickboxer. Its the same training fighters will go through, however without the sparring part until you wish so.

You will get fit as a fighter without going through the bruises and pain preparing for an fight. Our system has been developed for Fitness and Self-Defense purposes.

However, we do have an Sparring System called Power Sparring. This ensures that you get the necessary feeling of contact, but not the bruises.

Offcorse advanced students can do sparring as well.

Benefit; doing sports will not only benefit your body but also your mind. We belive in an healthy mind in an healthy body. It doesent matter what sport you chose, this benefits always come with.

However, we are convinced that this healthy effect comes more with practicing Martial Arts because of the traditions and background behind.

Bring MIND and BODY together and train with us.

Belt System: We use belt grading as in Karate usual to define your level. By training with us you will be able to grade through the system up to become a Black Belt. Its a challenge and achivement that speaks for itself!

because we work in teams excecuting our techniques and seeing/feeling how we improve getting better each time we train, we are convinced that this is the most motivating sport one can do.

We have an belt grading system in place that everyone can go for according to his achivements and abilities.


Belt Testing 2016:

Yellow Testing Belt on 19th Dec. 2015
Click here for: YELLOW BELT REQ.

Our Kickboxing:
Traditional Kickboxing is a "modern" Martial Art which started to get popular in the 70s. It's a mix of different Karate styles and modern Boxing and meant to be a competitive sport.

Thai-boxing's history goes back to medieval ages where wars were fought close distance man against man. Its the most effective and brutal system that can be found today.

Our Power Defense Kickboxing brings both worlds together and produces an highly effective system.

Our System called:


combines boxing, kicking, strikes with ellbows, knees and head to vital parts of your opponent.

In case necessary, it is our target to end the fight as fast as possible. We want to execute standing - we avoid on all means getting into ground fighting. In case of an takedown, we know what to do.

Power Defense Kickboxing suits as well the beginner, intermediate and Pro.
Every student decides himselfs how much he is willing to give during training - YOU are in charge!

This sport and ongoing techniques are teached only for Self-Defense situations - never to be applied as an offensive weapon and to be used with the principle of proportionality.
Application on your own decision, responsability and consequences.

Karl is the Head Instructor of Power Defense Kickboxing in Minneapolis.

"The mix of Thai- and Kickboxing makes our art very effective and versatile - also the possibility to progress through the grades I find very motivating, come in and try it out".